ChrisChris received her Paralegal Certificate from Penn State University.  Her career began with a a trip to Bankruptcy Court on her first day on the job at Shoemaker & Thompson. Little did she know this trip would provide her with the opportunity to work with a local well-respected Bankruptcy Trustee and result in her administration of many cases.  Although she has extensive bankruptcy experience, she also has been involved in many large Civil litigation matters, Estates, Domestic and Real Estate matters, as well as all other general practice areas.  Chris also has Appellate practice experience.

Chris’ real strengths, however, came from managing numerous trustee cases, conducting public and private sales as well as working with existing staff to operate a major Chapter 11 bankruptcy conversion case in order to complete International intellectual property contracts and fulfill outstanding contracts/work in progress to avoid breach of contract issues.

Chris has maintained multiple accounting systems for bankruptcy case administration, and when the United States Trustee Program, part of the Department of Justice, was implemented, it took little time for her to utilize her technical skills to program her own automated case/accounting management database and reporting system.  Her system was sought after by other Trustees as well as recognized by the United States Trustee’s office as a program they wanted others to utilize.  Although the system proved valuable to her practice, eventually other vendors/banks began offering their own case management and banking programs, and Chris soon realized she enjoyed utilizing their programs so she could focus more on her own work.

In 1998, Chris was recruited by Chase Bank to become one of their Account Managers.  At that time, Chase was a vendor providing case management and banking services to Bankruptcy Trustees.  At Chase, she managed a large client base, installed computer systems for and trained Trustees and their Assistants, as well as helped them master the UST reporting requirements.  She conducted many individual trainings and provided regional seminars.  During her tenure at Chase, Chris was promoted several times, including becoming a Regional Manager of Account Representatives and then becoming the first National Training and Development Manager for Bankruptcy Management Solutions, a former division of Chase Bank.

In 2008, Chris left the bankruptcy industry to pursue a family beauty business and attend to family needs.  She pursued a Nail Tech License, while also working for Deloitte and other Law Firms as an independent contractor.

After several years away from the Bankruptcy arena, in July of 2015, Chris became an owner/member of a remote Trustee Assistant service company which needed Chris’ expertise and experience to grow.  Chris was successful in assisting her partner with tripling the growth of the company’s income in less than 4 years.  In July of 2019, Chris parted ways with that company and began her new venture Premier Remote Services LLC, a company that is not only dedicated to the bankruptcy industry, but plans on expanding services into other areas of remote work.  She has a new partner, Deborah Rodriguez, who embodies the same goals and aspirations that she has.  Together, Chris and Deb see the company growing and becoming THE Premier Remote Service for many industries.

On a personal note, Chris is married to Michael and lives in Pennsylvania.  She loves to travel with her husband, daughter and grandson.  She enjoys riding her own Harley and still loves dabbling in creating beautiful nails to enjoy her creative side.