DebDeb graduated summa cum laude with a degree in English with a linguistics emphasis from Boise State University.  Learning foreign languages brought her joy, having studied French, Spanish, Russian and Basque while in college.  She even spent a summer in Paris and a second summer as an exchange student in Costa Rica during her college years.

However, in hindsight, spoken languages weren’t the languages she should have pursued.  In one of her first jobs after college in the late 1990s, Deb learned HTML, CSS and some javascript to program and maintain a 133 page working website.  She has continued to work with multiple websites over the past two decades, maintaining several active sites, one of which has operated for the last ten years.

Always enjoying a challenge and the opportunity to learn new things, Deb “fell” into bankruptcy administration almost by accident in early 2010.  A friend recommended her for a job with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee who needed temporary help getting files caught up and digitized.  That trustee enjoyed teaching the process and Deb ate up the opportunity to learn more.  After six months and five raises, Deb was a permanent member of the trustee’s team filing various notices, applications and motions in the administration of assets and coordinating all of the trustee’s auctions and private sales in a district where the Chapter 7 trustee practice is a full-time job.

When Deb’s first trustee decided to retire at the end of 2011, she went to work for his local counterpart who also had a thriving Chapter 7 trustee practice.  By the time the second trustee retired at a young age, Deb was handling his entire administrative practice, from pre-341(a) meeting review, pursuing assets and managing the trustee’s final reporting process.  When his successor took over, Deb naturally moved into the same position with her now third trustee.

After working as the only admin for her third trustee from 2014 through late 2016, Deb accepted an offer to work as a contractor with a small company offering remote trustee assistance services.  This gave her the opportunity to learn the process in other areas of the country and hone her skills in bankruptcy administration.  Three years later when Chris offered her the opportunity to join her to start Premier Remote Services LLC, Deb was happy to accept the next challenge.

In effort to complete her learning, Deb went back to school in early 2020 to earn her paralegal certificate, graduating summa cum laude from National Paralegal College in mid-2021.

On a personal note, Deb is happily married and the mother of two adult daughters and a teen-aged son.  She enjoys teaching software and photo organization solutions on the side.